Marijuana Addiction Treatment in Jacksonville

Marijuana addiction treatment in Jacksonville is available for habitual smokers. Cannabis is also known as weed, pot, dope, reefer, buds grass, ganja, herb, and marijuana. Dependence on cannabis is recognized by psychologists as a use disorder. This despite the common misconception that marijuana dependence is not possible. Most cannabis use disorders are comorbid with other psychological disorders, making marijuana dependence a difficult problem to study. Many cannabis users self-medicate, using the herb to treat other, often undiagnosed, psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety.

If you feel that you smoke marijuana habitually, treatment is available at Jacksonville drug rehab and recovery centers.

Withdrawal from Marijuana

During withdrawal from marijuana dependence, users often have feelings such as anxiety, depression, irritability, decreased appetite, and insomnia. Less often, complications such as gastrointestinal problems and restlessness are also present. These symptoms can appear in groups or singly, depending on the amount of cannabis consumed and for what period of time. These symptoms will appear within the first week of cessation of use and can last weeks.

Treatment requests for cannabis use disorder are on the rise globally as awareness increases and usage becomes more accepted. Symptoms of marijuana dependence include creating a lifestyle surrounded by weed, including friends who use as well. This becomes a near-obsession and can interfere with the person's employment and ties with family or friends who do not use cannabis. The number of people who become addicted to cannabis is unknown, though research indicates that addiction rates are in 10 to 15 percent of all users. These rates are similar to alcohol addiction rates.


Many cannabis users will mix their use with other drugs. The "lacing" of marijuana with other, more potent drugs such as heroin, LSD, crack cocaine, or other addictive substances leads to dependence on other drugs over time. This mixing is not unusual in illicit drug culture, with many substances being mixed this way. Sometimes with deadly consequences.

Physical effects from prolonged cannabis use include symptoms similar to smoking tobacco, as the most common way to ingest marijuana is by smoking it. These symptoms include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, irritated eyes, fouled mucus membranes, and more. Chronic use can lead to serious damage to lung and bronchial tissue.


There are no medications for withdrawal from marijuana dependence and most Jacksonville recovery programs focus on the psychological symptoms that accompany its use and that may have led to using. Patients may also attend a local Narcotics Anonymous ( meeting. Drug detox centers in Jacksonville can turn your life around.

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