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Heroin Addiction Treatment in Jacksonville

3 Minute Read | Published Nov 30 2023 | Updated Dec 01 2023

Heroin addiction is a growing problem in Jacksonville, Florida and the state as a whole. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, in 2019, there were 1,483 reported heroin-related deaths in the state, with Duval County (where Jacksonville is located) having the second-highest number of deaths at 383. This is a significant increase from the previous year, where there were 1,286 reported deaths statewide and 292 in Duval County.

In Jacksonville, there are several treatment options available for those struggling with heroin addiction. These include inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, as well as medication-assisted treatments. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there are 26 treatment facilities in Jacksonville that offer drug addiction treatment services, including programs specifically for heroin addiction.

One of the main organizations offering heroin addiction treatment in Jacksonville is River Region Human Services. They offer a wide range of services for individuals struggling with addiction, including medically supervised detox, residential and outpatient treatment programs, and aftercare services. They also offer a specialized program for pregnant women struggling with substance abuse.

Another prominent treatment facility in Jacksonville is Gateway Community Services, which has been providing addiction treatment services for over 40 years. They offer inpatient and outpatient programs, as well as a relapse prevention program and a specialized program for pregnant and postpartum women.

In addition to treatment programs, there are also support groups and resources available for individuals and families affected by heroin addiction in Jacksonville. These include Narcotics Anonymous meetings, where individuals can find support and a sense of community in their recovery journey. There are also resources such as the Jacksonville Coalition on Drug Prevention, which provides education and resources for substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery.

Some of the common co-occurring disorders among individuals with heroin addiction in Jacksonville and Florida include depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. According to the Florida Department of Children and Families, there were over 5,000 admissions to publicly funded addiction treatment programs in the state in 2019 where a co-occurring mental health disorder was identified.

In addition, the opioid epidemic in Florida has also led to an increase in HIV cases related to injection drug use. According to the Florida Department of Health, there were 2,231 new cases of HIV in the state in 2019, with 833 of them attributed to injection drug use.

Overall, heroin addiction treatment is a vital component in addressing the substance abuse crisis in Jacksonville and Florida. It is essential for individuals struggling with addiction to seek help and access the available treatment options to achieve recovery and improve their overall well-being. Education, prevention, and community support are also crucial in tackling this issue and reducing the impact of heroin addiction on individuals and families in Jacksonville and the state.
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