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Shame and Guilt Associated with Addiction

It is unfortunate that addiction has been so stigmatized for so long that it prevented people from seeking treatment who would have normally reached out for help.

The shame and guilt associated with loss of control to a substance rarely allowed for people to confess their problems to others. It is difficult to say those words: I have a problem with drugs. Other than telling someone you have a life-threatening disease there cannot be any other words more difficult to tell someone you love. You are in a single sentence admitting you have a problem, admitting it is with an illicit substance, and at the same time acknowledging that you've been lying to them, hiding things, and hurting them all because you cannot free yourself from a bad decision made long before that moment.

Getting the Drug Treatment You Need

Lately, however, it has become less difficult for the addict to seek help. More and more influential people have admitted trouble with alcohol or drugs in their past, more and more information on the genetics of addiction has been revealed, and now major medical associations have classified addiction as a disease. Drug Treatment Centers in Jacksonville, see thousands of patients who had to say those words to someone they loved. Unfortunately, they see countless more who did not and ended up in a facility because they found out from police officers or doctors at the hospital they were admitted to for drug overdose.

It is important to understand, that everyone understand that addiction may be a disease but it is not a permanent and ever-present condition. People recover from drugs and alcohol every day.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers use a multi-modal approach to treating addiction. Programs are tailored for each and every patient, but all may come to expect some or all of the following:

  • Individual intake assessment
  • Safe medical detoxification under the monitoring of board certified physicians
  • Customized individual therapy programs (cognitive, behavioral, trauma resolution)
  • Health and nutrition programs
  • Holistic modalities (yoga, meditation, massage, art, music)
  • Recreation and sports
  • Group counseling and peer support
  • Relapse prevention therapies

All patients will go through intake and detox. You simply cannot begin treatment therapy while still physically dependent upon a drug. It is necessary to shed the drugs from the system and reset the physical body as much as possible. How long this takes is dependent upon the addict, his or her health history, the drug, duration of the addiction, etc. Some patients go in with terrible damage done to their bodies. You cannot say with a phone call or even an intake assessment how long it will take to restore the body enough to being therapy. However, once started the individual is engaged quickly in both one-on-one counseling and group. All patients are encouraged to participate actively in holistic treatment as evidence based studies have shown that chronic disease responds well to an integrated humanist approach where the entire body is treated versus the disease aspect. Healing is a mind, body, and spirit adventure and like to give all patients a start with it.

Just because someone was lost for a little while doesn't mean that it wasn't for a purpose.

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