Alcohol and Driving Combatted with Florida Campaign

Florida Campaign Alcohol and Driving

Law enforcement agencies in six states are targeting people driving under the influence of alcohol with the 24th annual "Hands Across the Border" campaign, which starts Monday. The program, which will take place in Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, has had a history of catching drunk drivers, said Roger Hayes, a director at the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety. State troopers, sheriff's deputies and police will be setting up checkpoints near state borders.

Alcohol intervention is often necessary when a loved one suffers from a drinking problem. An intervention can be conducted in a confrontational or non-confrontational manner, with or without the assistance of a professional. If you are suffering from a drinking problem, Drug Treatment Centers Jacksonville can help.

In severe cases, a forced intervention may be necessary, which normally requires a physician's signature. When confronted with the realities of addiction, it is common for people to become angry, hostile or wish to leave the intervention. Family and loved ones may also become upset or irrational, as past and present issues and concerns are voiced.

Alcohol Detox

The process of detoxification for long-term alcohol abuse should always be done in a professional detox center. Not only does it ensure the patient's comfort and safety, but it also increases the chances of a successful long-term recovery. Alcohol detoxification often requires the use of medications to prevent serious side effects such as delirium tremens, which can be deadly if not monitored.

Physical And Mental Dangers Of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is extremely dangerous and contributes to a wide range of physical and mental issues including an increased risk of various cancers, cirrhosis of the liver, anemia, cardiovascular disease, depression, seizures, gout and nerve damage. Cognitive impairment, permanent brain damage and dementia are also linked to alcoholism.

Abuse - Binge drinking, blackouts, ability to stop using alcohol, no withdrawal symptoms, dopamine release in the brain when alcohol is consumed, risky behaviors while drinking

Addiction - Binge drinking, blackouts, drinking despite negative consequences, physical dependency, psychological dependency, larger dopamine release in the brain when alcohol is consumed, risky behaviors when drinking

Don't wait to seek help for your drinking problem. Alcohol treatment in Jacksonville is available, and it is recommended that you attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting (, which will be an outlet for expressing your experiences with drinking.

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